vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

Sea salt soap with spirulina

Oils: coconut (85%), olive (10%) and castor (5%)
Liquid: water
Additives: sea salt, spirulina and green clay, pink seasalt, rose petals
Scent: EO eucalyptus
Method: CPOP

A bunch of mini's too: 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! Those soaps are like small paintings. Very beautiful and I just love salt soap.

  2. I agree with Marika, your soaps look like small paintings. Very artistic! It's interesting that the spirulina makes the soap gray.

  3. Lovely soaps! You made them so nice with those cute hearts!

  4. Gorgeous, Marieke, especially with the rose petals and little heart embeds. I love salt bars!