woensdag 31 juli 2013

Ceramic soap dishes

My sisters mother-in-law is an artist and sometimes she lets me play in her studio. Two weeks ago she helped me make ceramic soap dishes together with my boyfriends mother. We had great fun and I never expected we'd be able to make so many! We were there for a long afternoon and made 22 in total. I was expecting not to be able to make more than 2-3... A week later the dishes were baked and ready to be glazed.

Here's some of the dishes I made:

En these were made by my mother in law (who was way more productive than me):

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I love them! Lucky you, such grate opportunity to express your creativity!

  2. Oh, wow, those are so beautiful, Marieke! You and your mother-in-law are very talented. Those soap dishes would be wonderful in a soapy gift set.

  3. I love your soap dishes! Your sister's mother-in-law's are also very pretty! Ceramic making has been in my bucket list for the longest time. There's no studio where I can learn in my area. One day.... Thanks for the inspiration.