zaterdag 4 mei 2013

Goatmilk & Calendula soap

A request from a friend. She once bought calendula soap for her niece who has sensitive skin which worked very well for her. I added raw sour goatmilk for extra benefits to the skin.

Oils: olive (calendula infused), coconut, rice, castor, palmpit
Liquid: raw sour goatmilk and water (2:1)
Additives: white kaolin clay, titanium dioxide, dried calendula flowers
Scent: EO lavender

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Very beautiful sap and I bet it is so god for sensitive skin. Can I ask you what is the difference between goat milk and sour goat milk?

    1. Thank you! When I buy goat milk, I open the package and let it sit on the window sill for a couple of days to let it get sour. The sour milk works the same like adding sodium lactate: it makes a harder bar. I think it also works with yohgurt or the Dutch "karnemelk" (buttermilk). I tried the yoghurt soap I made 3 weeks ago, it is already very hard. I'm still letting it cure 3 more weeks though, just to be sure it's alright.

    2. Thanks for the answer. I have never heard before that you can make your own sour milks. I have only used this finnish sour milk "kirnupiimä" that is like buttermilk. But I have to try to make my own. Hope it works with this organic goat milk I use. Otherwise I have to ask to get some fresh goat milk from an old neighbor of mine. Thank you so much for sharing these information :)

  2. Wieh!! Tegen de tijd dat het hier in huis is komt ze vast alweer voor een zomers logeerpartijtje en dan laat ik je weten hoe het was.

  3. Ohh, I didn't know the buttermilk makes a harder soap. Very interesting, Marieke, I love karnemelk for its creamy properties!
    Very cute!

  4. These soaps are so super cute, I love the mold that you used! =)

  5. How cute! Ik zou graag deze muisje te knufelen!