maandag 29 april 2013

Wet soap

Another attempt at making pink soap with my olive oil rhubarb root macerat. I didn't get to do a nice swirl because the lavender FO made it trace quite fast. I had to spoon it into the mold. I topped it with some light green mica in olive oil. I was  hoping for bright green and pink spring colors but it's more of a salmon color again.

I dug up some more rhubarb root and promised myself this time I would let it sit in the olive oil for at least 2 weeks.

Oils: olive (4 days rhubarb root infused), coconut, hazelnut, castor, wheat germ and palmpit
Liquid: water
Additives: 2 spoons of yoghurt (which might have had some influance on the rhubarb extract?)
Color: light green mica and rhubarb root extract
Scent: lavender FO

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