donderdag 7 februari 2013

Goat milk & honey soap

Oils: olive, coconut, palm, wheat germ, hemp, castor
Liquid: raw goat milk
Additives: white clay powder, yellow clay powder, honey, TD
Perfume oils: apple blossom and a touch of lemon

My first honey soap failed because I tried to speed up the curing by placing it in the oven. It overheated and got holes. The colors were really nice though and it's still good soap.

This time I put my honey soap in the freezer for 22 hours to prevent gelling. I was doubting wether to put it in the fridge afterwards to let it warm up slowly but decided to risk it and keep it at room temperature afterwards. The soap oozed some water which later was either evaporated and/or re-absorbed. The colors aren't as bright as the gelled honey soap.

It smells nice although I do prefer to use EO's myself for scenting my soap. You never know what they put in those PO's.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful soap, Marieke! I like the single teardrop and the colors are very nice. Love the honeycomb effect on the tops, too.

    1. Thank you! I planned on having more drops though, I poured it from quite high. It sounded like they were hitting the bottom so I poured from lower.

  2. Je maakt zo veel mooie zepen, Marieke! Deze ziet er goed uit!