zondag 20 januari 2013


The most difficult part of cold process soap making is the waiting. Waiting for the lye to cool down, for being able to take it out of the mold, for the curing... This soap was not hard enough to be stamped, I bearely got it out of the soap. But I do love the effect of the thyme leaves combined with the tree stamp. It's quite close to how I planned it.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, wow, how cool! I love how the thyme leaves look with the tree stamp. Great idea!

  2. great idea for the leaves! I cut down on the waiting by making a large batch of lye and I always soap with it at room temp. I also put my soap into a warm oven overnight after I make it so that it doesn't need the 3-4 weeks for curing. This way I get the smooth looking soap like cold process, but the soap is ready to use within a day or two after cutting like hot process soap. Best of both worlds!

  3. That should really say that I make a large batch of lye in advance and just use what I need each time I make soap.